Together we will protect Kentucky's LGBTQ Youth!

Immediate Action Needed!

Contact Rep. Moser & Sen. Schickel to thank them for committing to interim hearings of the Mental Health Protection Act ( #SB85 & #HB199 ) to protect Kentucky’s youth from conversion therapy!

42% of conversion survivors have attempted or seriously considered suicide in the past year.

Not only is it ineffective and dangerous for those who endure it, it also fuels a narrative that LGBTQ people can and should change who they are. Hearing the horror stories from survivors of conversion therapy here in Kentucky, we at Ban Conversion Therapy Kentucky feel that passing this legislation is important in giving LGBTQ youth the acceptance and protection they deserve.

Join Our Coalition to Protect Youth from Conversion Therapy

Together, We Can Make Kentucky a Safer Place for LGBTQ Youth.

No one should have to experience this torture. We need legislation in Kentucky to ensure not one more LGBTQ experiences the life long pain it causes. Join our coalition with over 100 member organizations to protect youth from these dangerous practices. Together, we can make Kentucky a safer place for LGBTQ youth.

Make a Donation

Every dollar helps. Join our movement to protect Kentucky’s LGBTQ youth from conversion therapy by making a donation or signing up to be a sustaining donor today!

Help by Becoming an Ambassador!​

BCTK Ambassadors will help us to raise awareness on conversion therapy while also advocating for legislation to protect youth from these dangerous practices. These positions are remote; therefore, ambassadors can live anywhere in the state of Kentucky. BCTK ambassadors commit to volunteering one to two hours a week consistently for a minimum of six months.

Together We Must Make Kentucky a Safer Place for LGBTQ Youth!

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