About Us

Ban Conversion Therapy Kentucky is a grassroots movement founded in 2017 by Tanner Mobley and Austin Adam

Its primary goal is legislation protecting minors from harmful attempts to change sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. In the Kentucky General Assembly, Ban Conversion Therapy Kentucky works to advance laws to protect Kentuckian’s from the torture known as “conversion therapy.” In spring 2019, BCTK became an official program of The Kentucky Youth Law Project, Inc. (501c3).


Ban Conversion Therapy Kentucky seeks to protect Kentucky’s LGBTQ youth from the harms of conversion therapy.


Ban Conversion Therapy Kentucky is a broad-based community effort dedicated to passing legislation that makes it illegal to perform so-called “Conversion Therapy” on minors in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Ban Conversion Therapy accomplishes its goals through public education and advocacy, political activity, community building and reciprocal alliances with others across the commonwealth.


Conversion Therapy is Torture

We believe that conversion therapy is torture. Not only is it ineffective and dangerous for those who endure it, but it also fuels a narrative that LGBTQ people can and should change who they are.

Safer Community

We believe that banning conversion therapy is an important step to make Kentucky safer for LGBTQ youth.

Grassroots Movement

We believe in non-violent, grassroots organizing that empowers individuals and build a movement that creates lasting changes. 

Together we can make Kentucky a safer place for LGBTQ youth!

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